Staying was the right call

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Although I could not have envisioned such a strange ending to my time in Singapore, I firmly believe I made the right decision to take the year off and come back to SAS instead of going to Wheaton right away.

I'm a better person today than I was six months ago. The lessons that I take with me from the past six months – virtues like humility, patience, and the ability to tolerate disappointment – will undoubtedly be with me for the rest of my life.

In that sense, along with a host of other intangible qualities that were either acquired or reacquired on the journey (confidence comes to mind), the extra year gives me a head start into what I am assured will be a fantastic college experience.

Having the opportunity to be around and learn from an amazing group of teachers and kids on a daily basis has made the semester a memorable one. That’s not to say I enjoyed every moment, because I didn’t, but I would never regret the decision, nor would I trade it for any other experience.

Now is the right time to move on. While I definitely still have some growing up to do, I don’t think there is much more to learn from staying another half year at SAS. I’ve always believed that the two highest priorities one can have are serving God and loving other people. By spending the next 4 months in Africa as a missionary, I’ll be placing myself in a distraction free environment where I will get to focus on the things that truly matter. In the words of Paul the Apostle (and very much in the spirit of the new year), it is time to “forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead.”

To my blog subscribers/prayer team: Thank you so much for agreeing to follow me on this incredible adventure. I promise to do my utmost in remaining as forthcoming and candid as I possibly can while providing all of you with frequent updates and any prayer requests that I may have!

God Bless,


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