Reflections on Africa - A Series of Mini-Posts Coming Soon!

I was recently looking over some photos of my trip and it brought to mind a myriad of thoughts and emotions that have yet to be processed since returning home to Singapore exactly a week ago. While I apologize for failing to keep followers of this blog updated on a regular basis,  I hope to make up for that in the coming weeks with a series of small, "digestible" posts that not only outline what was experienced in Africa, but also to discuss valuable lessons that were learned and how to apply them to everyday life in a first world country. I will do my best to stay brutally honest and biblically grounded while tackling a number of topics ranging from the importance of hell (controversial!) to the challenges of living in community.

It is equally humbling and amazing the way the past few months have panned out. When I made the decision to sign up for the trip way back in November of last year, I had dreams of how things would transpire. Some were admittedly more optimistic and grandiose than others but the reality has reminded me a hundred-fold that we worship a sovereign God who works in mysterious ways, and ultimately for the good of those who love Him. Entering into a new season of life, I would like to thank all those brothers and sisters who shared the same desire to spread the gospel in countries that desperately need it, and now those who are carrying out the same vision in your respective communities back home.

As a christian community, have we been blessed beyond belief by being brought up and residing with the resources available in "comfortable" countries like the United States and Singapore? Have we been protected from the problems that plague others in less developed areas? Absolutely. In that sense, we should be remarkably grateful and unusually holy! Are we? The greater the scope of God's blessings, the more imperative it is for us to receive it with trembling and self-examination.


  1. Im response to your last paragraph:
    Yes Alex, the only problem is that without experiencing Africa and other countries like that, we 1st world citizen's default belief is "I am supposed to be comfortable, I deserve this," and when there is a long line at Starbucks, we complain and stay crabby. I wish that all our comfortable "blessings" would lead us to praise and thank God, but most of the time it has the exact opposite affect. The fact is, we draw close to God through suffering and desperation. God uses pain, etc to get and keep our attention on what's most important. Brad

  2. This came to mind when I read your post: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=James+1&version=ESV

    Keep it close to you on your journey!